• The National Medical & Dental College Admission Test, or NMDCAT, is administered in all of Pakistan’s provinces each year following the completion of intermediate part 2. After that, the student can apply for admission to the MBBS programme in Pakistan. Here are some tips for getting ready for MDCAT.
  • Your MDCAT is based on fsc pre-medical textbooks. Therefore, you must study from Punjabi textbooks for the exam. There is always a specific syllabus provided, but you must prepare each and every line of that syllabus.
  • Biology is one of those subjects where you have to prepare all the lines and memorise every word, such as what we call ratta etc. For mdcat preparations, you must keep to books that are bound.
  • We never ask anyone’s advice on how to study for an exam using notes or any other study aids. Punjab Text Books are the greatest resource for your Mdcat preparation. There are plenty of books. They’ll accomplish the goal effectively.
  • Every single line is crucial for MDCAT preparation, especially in biology. You must memorise each and every line in the biology textbook. Therefore, you must read each and every line. To ensure that you remember everything, you must read these lines in the correct order. You need to mentally repeat these phrases two or three times.
  • The bulk of pupils come through the academies like KIPS, STARS, and their regular academy tests. Observe what you are doing, not what others are doing. You need to focus on your preparation.
  • Get MdCAT past papers from various online educational platforms and print them out. Start practising on the first day of your preparation so you can become familiar with the way questions are asked in MdCAT and how to prepare for and solve them.
  • Increase your test preparation duration. As you are aware, practise is the key to a man’s perfection. The practise books that several academies have produced for you to use as practise for answering these kinds of multiple-choice questions are available for your use.
  • Without holding back, discuss the questions with your friends, elders, and teachers to help you quickly understand the topics.
  • Don’t get into the habit of filling in incomplete bubbles if you’re also practising by filling in the bubbles on the answer sheet. Always fill bubbles to the top so you won’t experience any issues when filling them in Mdcat.
  • For a lengthy paper, start with the subject you find easiest. Proceed from easy to difficult. For the majority, biology, English, chemistry, and physics are the appropriate order to follow. However, you can choose any order you feel most comfortable with; it is entirely up to you.


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