Mandatory Requirement:

  1. Please bring your original identity document (CNIC/ Passport/ POR /B form/NICOP) plus a Hard copy of the COVID Vaccination certificate to the exam center. No student will be allowed to sit in the exam without identity verification with corresponding original documents and a COVID Vaccination certificate.
  2. Students will have to follow NCOC COIVID guidelines as advised.
  3. Any candidate found to have provided a forged identity or false information shall have his registration cancelled by the Authority and such person shall be debarred from taking the MDCAT on a permanent basis.
  4. Candidates will not be allowed to take any paper, pencil, mobile phone, electronic device, food, drink, or any other objectional item other than the printed roll number slip into the Examination Hall. Medication based on prescription shall be allowed. Water / Juice shall be provided in the Examination Hall.
  5. The examination staff shall have the right to conduct a search of the person prior to entering the examination hall.
  6. A person found to be talking during the exam or having brought in any banned item shall be immediately disqualified and their examination shall be canceled, and such person shall be debarred from taking the MDCAT for two further consecutive years. 8. Candidates can only leave the hall after having completed their exam.
  7.  No candidate will be allowed to re-enter the hall once they leave.
  8. In the case of a serious medical emergency if a candidate has opted to start the exam it will at the discretion of the Head Invigilator to cancel their exam attempt and allow them to be rescheduled or to count their exam as already attempted.

MDCAT Exam App:

  1. Candidates will log in to the exam application through their roll numbers, and a verification code (unique code provided at the center to each student)
  2. One question at a time will be available on the screen and they can answer the question by clicking one of the options.
  3. Candidates can Skip any Question without answering it by clicking on the Skip Button.
  4. Candidate can change their answer as many times as they want before the submission of their Exam. 5. At the top of the screen there will be 4 option bars available namely; a) Attempted Questions b) Skipped Questions c) Unattempted (Remaining) Questions d) Flagged Questions
  5. Candidate can submit the exam after completion at any time by clicking “End Exam”. The candidate will see a confirmatory Popup on the screen before the final Submission of the exam.
  6. Once the exam is submitted it cannot be restarted again.
  7. Candidates can only leave the hall after having submitted their examination.

Students can also download PMC Student Guide from link given below ⤵️







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