Shaza Fatima Khawaja, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs, announced that the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is being launched again & she said that laptops will be given on a merit basis to one lakh students enrolled in government universities and colleges.

Speaking to the Green Youth Movement of Universities attendees at the Down University of Health Science in Karachi was Ms. Shaza Fatima. According to her, 2 million new people require jobs each year in Pakistan, but there isn’t enough room for them all on the labour market. She remarked that it is regrettable that 30% of graduates do not find employment. Therefore, it’s important to provide graduates the tools they need to create their own businesses and hire others rather than just making them employable.

Engineer Javed Ali Memon, in charge of the Regional Center Karachi’s Sports and Curriculum Division, and Dr. Sambal Shamim also spoke at the event. In addition, Shaza Fatima Khawaja stated that the government offers undergraduate students in both public and private colleges an internship programme at a cost of Rs 12,000 per month. By effectively utilising the youth, the nation can be led down the path of growth.

According to Shaza Fatima Khawaja, youth make up a significant portion of our population. The 2017 census found that 68 percent of people in our country were under the age of 30, while 50 million people were between the ages of 15 and 29 and 5 million were under the age of 15.

She added that due to lack of understanding, thousands of dollars in scholarships for our students are lost every year. The government is taking action in this area to enable graduates to take advantage of scholarships provided by various organisations and colleges around the world.

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